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 "Vinci North" Aug 2011    

Oh Dear.........

The Lakes have to come from somewhere!

"Bang Tidy" keeping happy.....

Atop Helvelyn,

Northern Monkey's finally see a view

 World Challenge: South AfricaAug 20011 

Giant's Cup Trek,
Drakensberg Mountains.

   "Vinci North" July 2011    





"Northern Monkeys"

on tour



"Per Ardus Ad Alta"

Atop Kinder through hail (Hell?) and peat bog!

  Down Ringing Roger.


 And Bang Tidy Too!

  "Tesco" June 2011      


"LemonHeads" planning

and executing


Well earned "TLC"

 Lloyds TSB "Tranche 6" May 2011


Black Hill and

Crowden campsite

Getting off of Ormes Moor!


Off the Hills, and .....

planning the next expedition

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